I am in the narrows of a sonic rebirth exorcised on a new record tentatively titled “PRAGMAGICK”.

The title comes from a rare tome co-written by acclaimed author Marilyn Ferguson.  As a child, I would often spend time on “The Aquarian Conspiracy” author’s compound in Los Angeles.  My father was deeply immersed in her inner sanctum, and whenever I would visit him, I would play as children do amongst the likes of figureheads Timothy Leary and Aldous Huxley’s wife, Laura.

I even had a play-wedding with Ferguson’s grandaughter. 

Marilyn was a haunting and, until recently, uncovered influence in my youngest memories.  Perhaps now gifted to me in the best years to honor her hushed omnipotence over my formation.

Anyway, the text of PRAGMAGICK was seldom printed, but, of course my father’s copy found its way into my life a couple years back.  It reads as a text book of sorts for practical notions of “magick”; utilizing thought to manifest action.  And although the album will focus on more personal themes lyrically, I’m treating the record as the first ramble in the output I always aimed to muster for Dakota Slim.

I intend to treat this as the first of a series of pieeces, sonically or otherwise, that lead to a catalogued belief structure…  I know, I’m getting ahead of myself.

I will start to document the progress of this record through my introspective demo-ing, to the actual production that will be aided by Ryan Stively (PORT O’BRIEN, POISON ARROWS) on this website.  Noting esoteric rituals, experimental tactics, and the tumors grown from one man’s trembling in his own mythology. 

Keep your eyes peeled and your hearts crossed.

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  1. I have the photos to prove your claims. So cool that your memory works overtime. Mine does as well, but quite often provides recall of completely useless information.

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