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▶ Dakota Slim – Night Thief

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Here’s a brand new song from the long slumbering Slim as he continues the construction of a new e.p. (CACTUS CROWN) and progress on the comic book/record remains steady!

Please visit THE REVEL REVIVAL for all projects concerning Revel Rosz (Travis Keats Ross) henceforth!

And of course, be sure to leer at WE THE HALLOWED for major news on the art collective/ religion Slim cotton’s to.

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The new project of Travis Keats Ross (Dakota Slim), Justin Shelp (Elegant Bachelor) and Rén Rosz (We, The Hallowed) released their debut double E.P. on Halloween 2015.  You can buy/stream SPARE SPELLS‘ “NEON/NOIR” via every major digital music site. 
Or check it out here: 


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KAMEN ROSS sketched the portrait.

KAMEN ROSS sketched the portrait.

This was my first major foray into writing, performing, producing, and distributing an E.P. in 4 days through the intense use of sigilism (as evidenced in the cover art) and culling sonically-astral “automatic” compositions from a basement meditation. What birthed? “REVEL:” the 5 song E.P. and my first release under the REVELATOR name. It totally utilized what I refer to as “PRAGMAGICK” or magick, through means of focus and execution (like practice or rehearsal) for practical means such as an honest piece of work to help ends meet – and hopefully mend.
The songs vary in style and vibe. Thing is, for every song there were hundreds of invocations and conjurations, I only chose to follow five of them.
The 4 days were damp and desolate, mixed with teeth gnawing integrity – I am ,actually, building a home studio and  an editing bay in the “terror-firma” known as our basement. Through the dreaded webs and rat rollicking I managed to detune and calibrate THIS piece of art:

It may or may not help boost my forever – ramshackle ways, but I gotta girl to impress. A love. I got friends  I mean to never distress. I got love. More so now, that I had to be productive in pragmatically producing an instantaneous artifact.  An artifact that may somehow sell to those who care to hear my 4 day triumph over writing, production, performing, and editing but also my madness and synapse lapsed moon shivers and shakes recorded on tape.

The five songs adequately represent my thought process if a millisecond were represented as exactly 20 minutes in song.
Whie SPARE∆SPELLS continues to perform visually and musically ambitious sets while rounding out a collection of demos (for a very conceptual plan) and DAKOTA SLIM stays quiet for just a little longer – I figured my role in WE, THE HALLOWED and in the soon to be posted show, WAYWARD WORSHIP, as REVELATOR (more a lavishing lingerer than a revealer) would enact the responsibility of measuring my most obscure work.
It’s getting frosty here in the Oregon perma-dusk. I manifested through magikal means a product that might help keep me warm. And keep that love confident. And friends not stressed.

From the Basement,




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Performed at Habesha Lounge in Portland, OR 10/31/14

Our set was sequenced with my re-edit of the 1945 film “DETOUR” which is spliced in amidst the performance footage.

It was shot and edited by JOSH WINSOR.

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My new project, SPARE ∆ SPELLS, is debuting at an epic hootenanny we’ve arduously concocted on Halloween Night (2014) here in PORTLAND, OREGON.  Here’s a “promo” with a snippet of “live” audio as well as a preview of my set-specific edit of the 1945 Film-Noir, “DETOUR,” that will provide the visuals for our unveiling…

and Here’s a flyer for the FREE debut designed by yours truly…


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(c) Dakota Slim and Ryan W. Brewer 2008

(c) Dakota Slim and Ryan W. Brewer 2008

Finally, the final album from DAKOTA SLIM to be re-released, “Hitherto The aMiNals” is now available in all major online retailers such as iTUNES, SPOTIFY, AMAZON, GOOGLE PLAY, ETC. This particular release is special due to a different cover from Ryan Brewer and new track listing that separates it from the original release on Bladen County Records
This means that the 6 records which document my artistic growth and output throughout the last decade are now widely available for the first time. This process has had me relive the amazing artistic life I have been gifted thus far, and instilled an incredible amount of excitement for what I have planned for the next decade. I’M ONLY GETTING STARTED.  KEEP YOUR HEARTS CROSSED AND YOUR EYES PEELED FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER!

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Preview of NEW BAND

My satchel was stolen with two years worth of handwritten material across, at least, four projects I was dilligently determined to finally square away.  The Great Spider that weaves her tangled web, connecting us to validation through resolve, certainly didn’t see the fruits of my labor.  Perhaps she felt that I, after a rebirth of sorts, needed more of a cataclysmic surge to truly reinvent myself, a spark that only a dharma bum could ignite burning down his worldly possessions in one awesome flick.

The anger still haunts me, a sort of primal protection a father instinctually ignites when his offspring is attacked in front of him.   A macabre revenge lust permeates when I’m left with my thoughts, for the fate of all that work must have been nothing more than skimmed and discared into the narrows of nothing…

Those lost confessionals and documents were the only testament to finding what kept me alive through some of my most torrid times in life.  But que sera, sera.

Alas, I haven’t been able to break focus or weep over the lost work… I quickly started to trust that the Great Spider weaves a web of calculated deference, a familiar web, later discovered to be manifested by my subliminal guidance.

So I took most of the structured music and re-appropriated them with the hopes of instilling the fervor and tenacity of lust for weird.  Let this video be a testament to a conjuration of sifted ephemera from the past and exciting/revitalizing prospects of the future.  I am birthed, and earthed all over again…

This is an early rendition of a song intended for the aforementioned long labored album PRAGMAGIK – “Pray for Strays” – it, along with most of that record are being deconstructed into a few different conceptually focused projects.

This song, and most of the sequence driven material written the past couple years, have turned into this live theatrical ensemble featuring DODGE LOGIC / ELEGANT BACHELOR – Justin Shelp manning Guitar, Orchestrated Noise, Drums, Misc. Perc… hell… Anything he can grab with two fists.   I cover Vox, Baritone, Sequences, and Kick Drum + Pedal work (new appreciation for the art of tap dancing).

The full announcement regarding this new outfits identity (along with other projects), tracklist, and concept is forthcoming.

JOSH WINSOR shot this beautifully constructed montage of us.

For now this is an exceptional document, or glimpse, on the set-up thus far of our writing process of our third session performing together.

The video is a montage while the audio is a single, live take.

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While compiling “GOD GONNA GET ME RIGHT” I took the opportunity to make “ANONYM” available for the first time in years.  These are still played live and constants in the DAKOTA SLIM MYTHOS for it was the first true “DAKOTA SLIM” release.


All Songs Written by REV.ROSS

except 1 + 5 by REV.ROSS and Erick Lenger

REVELATOR Keats Ross: Vox, Guitar, Blow Organ, Beat Manipulation, Bass, Drums

Dominique Reveneau: Bass, Stand-up Bass

Erick Lenger: Lead Guitar

Ray Reeves: Drums (#2)

Engineered by Dominique Reveneau

Release Date: 02/23/06
©Dakota Slim Hymns


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GOD GONNA GET ME RIGHT (Skeletal Bedroom Hymnals 2010-2012)

I thought I’d cut the lack of ouput during the recording of PRAGMAGIK by releasing a collection of rare demos.  The two year battle through California and Arizona terror tours were spliced between some bedroom preambles found on this collection.  The songs were written and recorded in various apartments, girlfriend apartments, attics, and dens in OAKLAND, SAN FRANCISCO, and PHOENIX.  Look forward for a correlating story about the mess I was in for each song available here, soon.


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PRAGMAGIK started principle tracking with co-producer RYAN STIVELY at his SAUCESOME STUDIOS here in Portland, OR.



We began by making a library of junk percussion.  Recording small samples of STIVELY and I hitting various found items.  I then took those samples and sequenced the album’s accompanying rhythms using RECYCLE and REASON. Taking a track of sequenced percussion, we re-amped through a MARANTZ PORTABLE CASSETTE RECORDER to utilize the tape’s saturation and adjustable speed.


SAUCESOME STUDIOS (re-amping digitally sequencing through cassette)

I then went on to track some fuzz bass.



I laid down a soft electric, accompanied by a bright acoustic:

Saucesome Studios GTRS

Saucesome Studios GTRS

Followed by minimal drums to accompany the sequencing

The found tape I was using for saturation provided some ghostly samples


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