DAKOTA SLIM’s music, art, and message follow a doctrine by his own divine device – which was discovered through spiritual, artistic, and philosophical pursuits administered by his community which call themselves:





The following description of the “WE, THE HALLOWED collective was taken from their FACEBOOK PAGE (where you are urged to contact them regarding anything relating to their cause):

An “open-source” self-love-purposed art “religion” started out of a performance space in Portland, Oregon. It is run by myriad of intellectually roused artists (of many mediums) with the intention of creating a community of focused and unrelenting artists that aide one another in actualizing one another’s visions and masterwork within a spiritually-individualistic framework.
WTH provides a unifying identity of disparate creations. The WTH symbolism, constructive practices, and self-discovery exercises provide a uniform foundation with which many artists in varying locations, mediums, or aesthetics are provided community in the effort to better their self and their art. “The WTH symbol (or “sigil”) denotes a strict adherence to the initiate’s artistic purpose, their unwavering motivation to progress themselves through their works, and to offer their experiences as council to those who aim to be the exceptions among the vast population of disgruntled examples”.
There is exceptional folklore and mythology behind the organization considering their diminutive initial membership. Their introductory text, “LIBER DOCTRINA”, is similar to a work-book. The book’s template provides a unique outline to organize each initiate’s individualistic facets into their personal-manifesto. Their manifesto, now termed their “LIBER EGOS,” is to be constantly revised as they are encouraged to test their beliefs throughout their artistic and spirtual careers. Each updated “EGOS,” are shared and discussed – ultimately contributing to the organization’s conceptual canon or, communally representative text, entitled the “LIBER NOSOTROS.” “Nosotros” is simply comprised of the commonalities found in each “EGOS” and through collective discretion determined if they are to be included. “LIBER NOSOTROS” is thus considered to be their on-going documentation of universal truths.  This three book system is referred to as THE COMMON CHORD.




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