VORTEX MUSIC MAGAZINE premiered the new DAKOTA SLIM video for “NIGHT THIEF”  (off 2018’s CACTUS CROWN) hand animated by LOGAN FORD / GNAR ILLUSTRATIONS produced through W†H.

KATEY TRNKA of VORTEX wrote a nice little piece to accompany the premiere, you can read it all HERE:

Ford’s talent for hand animation is evident in the video for “Night Thief,” a cut off Dakota Slim’s July release, Cactus Crown. The meticulous nature of hand-drawn animation is amplified here by how well the visuals line up with the music. As a saxophone wells up, flashes of otherworldly light dot a mountainous landscape; one of these flashes eventually takes a lasting form to destroy the forest in the foreground. Against soft, spooky vocals, orbs descend to the earth and take the forms of predator and prey. Staticky percussion punctuates changes in color and form, and just as a canine creature is about to overtake a rabbitlike animal, their forms are all but obliterated as the lyrics come to a close.




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