DESERTER PSALMS: HYMNALS FOR A Dead Decade (2003 – 2013)

This, is the beginning of the end for DAKOTA SLIM.  Sadistically honoring a fictional character’s impending demise, I’ve compiled 16 of the most un-crindge worthy “Slim Hymns” into a full length release.

Lengthy Linear Notes are being compiled as we speak, as I had a lot of help from some of the most clever artists working today helping me realize this shadow-self, and for that I am forever grateful

“DESERTER” is available in all major online digital music retailers such ad iTunes or Amazon

But this isn’t THE END…

I still have one more plan for Slim… entitled “ZOZOBRA” ; His life’s work and the opus that I’ve been scheming and mapping for the last decade.

“ZOZOBRA” is essentially a gonzo-histo-folkloric comic about the death of Dakota Slim and the trial and tribulations each Bardo of the afterlife has in store for him.

So before I truly kill him, I figured he was  due a collection of the least-terrible songs from his decade long, and 7+ album, legacy errr career errr prolonged artistic hiccup…

This compilation should be the bookend record from a character that started as a trivial pursuit of fiction to mask my artistic loneliness and experimentation, now I am ready to set him on the path of becoming a ghost, made of the wanderlust dreams of a young desert deserter…

_Rev. Keats Rosz


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