KAMEN ROSS sketched the portrait.
KAMEN ROSS sketched the portrait.

This was my first major foray into writing, performing, producing, and distributing an E.P. in 4 days through the intense use of sigilism (as evidenced in the cover art) and culling sonically-astral “automatic” compositions from a basement meditation. What birthed? “REVEL:” the 5 song E.P. and my first release under the REVELATOR name. It totally utilized what I refer to as “PRAGMAGICK” or magick, through means of focus and execution (like practice or rehearsal) for practical means such as an honest piece of work to help ends meet – and hopefully mend.
The songs vary in style and vibe. Thing is, for every song there were hundreds of invocations and conjurations, I only chose to follow five of them.
The 4 days were damp and desolate, mixed with teeth gnawing integrity – I am ,actually, building a home studio and  an editing bay in the “terror-firma” known as our basement. Through the dreaded webs and rat rollicking I managed to detune and calibrate THIS piece of art:

It may or may not help boost my forever – ramshackle ways, but I gotta girl to impress. A love. I got friends  I mean to never distress. I got love. More so now, that I had to be productive in pragmatically producing an instantaneous artifact.  An artifact that may somehow sell to those who care to hear my 4 day triumph over writing, production, performing, and editing but also my madness and synapse lapsed moon shivers and shakes recorded on tape.

The five songs adequately represent my thought process if a millisecond were represented as exactly 20 minutes in song.
Whie SPARE∆SPELLS continues to perform visually and musically ambitious sets while rounding out a collection of demos (for a very conceptual plan) and DAKOTA SLIM stays quiet for just a little longer – I figured my role in WE, THE HALLOWED and in the soon to be posted show, WAYWARD WORSHIP, as REVELATOR (more a lavishing lingerer than a revealer) would enact the responsibility of measuring my most obscure work.
It’s getting frosty here in the Oregon perma-dusk. I manifested through magikal means a product that might help keep me warm. And keep that love confident. And friends not stressed.

From the Basement,




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